Research & Development Employees
Innovation is at the core of our commitment in growing our business and making a positive impact in the world: more than 6,000 people work within R&D in a variety of purposeful and impactful roles. Our scientists explore and develop the technologies of the future, whilst our product developers use this science and technology to develop Unilever’s next generation innovations. In unity, this team goes beyond to combine the search for breakthrough technologies with the constant drive to respond to competitors, move into new markets, and strengthen our brands with purpose.
More about a career in Research and Development
Unilever is organized into four core categories - Personal Care, Foods, Refreshment and Home Care. Our R&D organization works in each of these categories, helping them deliver innovations through our process of 'Discover, Design, and Deploy’.
What do consumers want, and what will they want in the future? The Discover team provides the bridge between the ideas generated by our Strategic Science Group and the vision of our brands, creating a path to embed great new technologies into our innovations.
Turning a great idea into a great product is the responsibility of our Design Teams. Roles include technical project leaders, formulators, category packaging experts and other professionals who work closely with our marketers and our supply chain, so that the new product fits with brand ambitions and meets our manufacturing standards.
We need our innovations to achieve the success they deserve in the markets. With their intimate knowledge of local consumers and local technical requirements, the Deploy team works closely with local marketing and sales teams and our supply chain so that new products are launched on time and with maximum impact.
Henry Durant

"R&D helps to bring the Sustainable Living Plan and great ideas to life using new technologies, innovations and a wealth of expertise and history. We work with our colleagues in every function from Marketing to Supply Chain to Finance as well as key partnerships to develop new products with pupose that provide benefits to millions of people around the world every day."

Henry Durant, R&D Ice Cream Manager: Global Systems & Channels and Global Retail operations, UK


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