Why is #HeadofU so important?

Big brands can make big differences. So that’s what we aim to do: at Unilever, we believe in creating a better future every day. With 155.000 colleagues in over 100 countries our motto is: ‘A better world. A better business. A better you’. And that’s not just some fancy slogan. We actively work on improving the lives of our employees, our consumers, our partners and our communities, by listening to them and responding accordingly. Actions speak louder than words.

We expect great things of young  talents. They’re the ones who keep us on our toes, show us the way forward, and inspire us to keep evolving. We want to take them on board and work together. That’s why we’re always looking for ambitious new talents who want to build a brighter future with us. So why not put three young  talents in charge of this task?

A diverse workforce is the only way forward. We believe in individuals and their talents, no matter what colour, shape or experiences this talent carries. We strive to look at things from different perspectives and take various points of view into account, so for us diversity is always a plus! Every year, we put our efforts into attracting young talents, and this year we strive more than ever for a team that shines through diversity and inclusion.

With #HeadofU we want to give you a flavor of what working at Unilever can look like and how your insights and opinions as a young talent matter. We want to empower you to apply for an internship, a traineeship or any other career path at Unilever. Future Leaders of tomorrow, we’re ready for you!

Who is becoming a #HeadofU?

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Nabil Time
Video maker and comedian.
His mission?
Making mental health a topic you can openly talk about.
His challenge?
We want our people to thrive on each aspect of their Wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional & purposeful. We aim to create a culture where everyone can be happy and their true self. Nabil’s challenge is to create a Wellbeing  program and internally communicate it in a way that ensures that all our employees are engaged and aware of the opportunities available to improve their wellbeing.
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Lara Roozemond
Model, actress and writer.
Her mission?
Helping people to be confident in and with their bodies
Her challenge?
The Dove Self-Esteem Project mission is to ensure that our next generation grows up with a healthy and positive view on body image and self-esteem. Lara will work on setting up a social campaign aimed to inform parents about the resources available to help young people raise their self-esteem & realize their full potential.
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Sisi Bolatini
Traveling Turbanista and fashion icon.
Her mission?
Empowering women to pursue their dreams.
Her challenge?
Magnum believes that a day without pleasure is a day lost. Within our campaigns and with our products, we are encouraging everyone to be true to themselves and seek out what brings them pleasure. The challenge is to work on setting up an influencer and social campaign on how to bring this mission alive.

Who are the Unilever Experts?

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Babet Siemerink
​​​​​​​As a Digital Brand Specialist, Babet works with various Unilever brands in the Personal Care division. Her focus is on optimizing online marketing campaigns, consumer journeys and overall digital capabilities. Additionally, she is involved in implementing data strategies and analytics tools for our brands performance.
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Tirozh Mazoori
​​​​​​​As HR Business Partner for Unilever Netherlands local business, Tirozh partners with the leadership teams on the strategic people agenda. Next to that, she is the driver of our Wellbeing initiatives and our Diversity & Inclusion agenda.
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Anne Schreuders
As Product Owner, Anne is responsible for the vision of brands Magnum, Cornetto and OLA. Together with the team, she is responsible for the brands from products, to innovations, marketing & PR and activation campaigns.

What’s next for #HeadofU?

        •    Nabil, Lara and Sisi will work on their projects with the management teams at Unilever. Follow their progress here and on our Instagram.
      •    Instagram Live sessions on the 9th, 10th and 11th of September, to answer your questions about the challenges & how we, at Unilever, handle them