2 Unilever employees sitting down and doing a high-five


Our Marketeers create value by building more relevant and meaningful consumer relationships. Our job is to
offer the right product to the right person at the right time. Whether you’re bringing a trusted favourite to a
new market, or launching something new, you’ll see great products brought to life in the eyes of customers
and consumers, creating relationships that can last generations.

Unilever’s Marketers are impactful Entrepreneurs in sustainable marketing and are increasingly focused
on driving performance through brands with purpose; brands which provide a positive change to people
and to society. We want to reach more people in more places more often with product truth; enabling and
empowering people to achieve great things for themselves, for our business, and for the world. Our
brilliantly different brands - brands that have a strong purpose, but where the product itself is also
contributing towards a more sustainable planet – such as Knorr, Omo, Dove and Domestos are growing
30% faster than the rest of our portfolio and delivering over half of our growth.