Group of Unilever employees holding up sustainability goals on cards


We are a brilliantly different company with a unique purpose. Our Sustainable Business & Communications
team goes beyond to bring that vision to life. From employees to investors, journalists to job applicants, the
Sustainable Business & Communications team are there to tell the world about our purpose-led goals, our
impactful work, and our big brands. Internally and externally, we spread the word about our commitment
to building a better business, a better world, and a better you.

Operating both globally and locally, our comms experts enhance our reputation by promoting our
achievements, managing our social media and by running our media relations team. We bring together
a range of internal and external specialists, covering PR, internal and external communications, digital
content development, website content and developers, social media and social listening, sustainability,
journalism, media relations and communications agencies. At our core, we focus on communicating
​​​​​​​and embedding sustainable business as a driver for growth.