Supply Chain Employees

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain teams play a vital role in getting our goods to consumers; from sourcing raw materials to
manufacturing and delivering the end product. You could be finding a new way to get 12,000 litres of ice cream
across the desert without it melting; or designing a more efficient distribution network to enable us to store
and deliver our products sustainably to our customers. Our Global Supply Chain includes approximately 100,000
employees who work with over 70,000 suppliers and 1.5 million farmers.  We manage a logistics network that
tran sports across a distance of over 1.5 billion km a year.
In the UK & Ireland, we are home to the production of PG Tips, Magnum, Pot Noodle, Persil and many more.
Looking forward, we want to embrace the digital revolution in order to build a more agile, integrated and
synchronized Supply Chain. Be part of the most successful purpose-led business in the world and see the true
impact that you’re having in the work you do. There’s always a new challenge to tackle and our people have the
​​​​​​​opportunity to make a big impact every day on a local level, across Europe and the world.