The deadline for our applications is now 19:00 on 10th November 2019, and applications will close on a rolling basis when we have enough applications. We therefore advise that you apply as soon as possible, so that you do not miss out on securing a role.

Please note that these 3 positions are specific to the Leeds site – Applications are independent and unconnected to those made for the nationwide Unilever Industrial Placement Programme. 

If you’d like to be based in Leeds for your Industrial Placement, apply to spend 12 months working in Supply Chain at our deodorant site. We are recruiting three undergraduate students for roles commencing June 2020.
Bottles and man
Location: Seacroft, Leeds
Salary: ~£20,000
Start Date: Early/Mid-June 2020 (12 months)
Requirements: Undergraduate on track for minimum 2:1 with a strong interest in business.
​​​​​​​Must be undertaken as part of your degree (Industrial Year) prior to graduation. 
Applicants to the Leeds placement scheme are required to have the continuous right to work in the UK. 

3 Supply Chain Positions Available

S&C intern
Global Supply Chain Optimisation Analyst
  • Look into the future: Be part of a global team; collate and analyse information to be able to make the right decisions for Unilever’s supply chain 
  • Understand Unilever’s scale: Dive into global information to highlight key brands and regional growth areas 
  • Discover new trends: Experience how Unilever products are affected by changes to the current business environment 
  • Be a margin ambassador: Help make our deodorants as cost-effective as possible 
  • Explore Unilever’s diversity: Be regularly exposed to and work with multiple countries – experience cultural and consumer differences and their impacts on Unilever 
Spring Programme Intern
Global Supply Chain Planner 
  • Be the voice of supply chain: Engage in consultation and drive stimulating discussions with international stakeholders to ensure the right feasibility exists in the global supply chain 
  • Engage global leaders: Collate and analyse information on key project challenges and generate solutions for senior stakeholder review 
  • Challenge the status quo: Identify areas for improvement in existing processes and enhance efficiency in the supply chain and wider Unilever Beauty & Personal Care category 
  • Be part of the digital evolution: Transform the delivery of project information with new, engaging and automated communication tools 
  • Follow consumer trends: Discover how volatile market trends influence the development of product innovations and how the supply chain adapts accordingly ​​​​​​​
European Portfolio & Innovation (P&I) Planner
European Portfolio & Innovation (P&I) Planner
  • Oversee European innovation projects end to end: Identify, plan and monitor activities across functions to keep track of project progress
  • Engage with cross-functional teams across Europe: Regularly communicate with different business functions including Marketing, R&D and Factory units 
  • Bring innovations to life: Co-ordinate long and short-term projects in a fast-paced environment, ensuring new products will be launched on time across Europe 
  • Lead forward-thinking discussions: Chair international and cross-functional team meetings, sharing best practice and engaging with senior stakeholders 
  • Enhance Unilever’s competitive position: Analyse the European Deodorant range and advise on cost and complexity reduction to add value ​​​​​​​
Your application automatically covers all three positions. 
You do not need to state a specific position in your application, any role offer will be made based on your suitability and personal preferences as a result of the assessment centre. 


Please send one document with your cover letter and CV; and a 45 second audio clip on a topic you are passionate about to: by 19:00 on 10th November 2019

Candidates must be available for an initial video interview via Skype in mid-November 2019 and an Assessment Centre in Leeds in early December 2019. 


  • The ability to work well independently and as part of a team 
  • A desire to influence and make a change to the business 
  • Effective interpersonal, communication and IT skills 
  • A growth mindset accompanied with time management and organisational skills 
  • The ability to be pro-active and use your initiative 


  • Support for your professional and personal development through 1-to-1 line management
  • The responsibility and trust to make a significant difference within the team 
  • Opportunity to develop transferable skills in different environments 
  • Our commitment to help you fulfil your potential with a tailored workplan 
  • Opportunity to gain exposure to various aspects of Unilever’s business
Scarlett Russell
Why did you choose Unilever for your Industrial Placement (IP)?
Being a Geography University student, I took a keen interest in Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, particularly their company goal to reduce their environmental footprint by half. Therefore, I respected how integrated sustainability is within the company, whether it be environmental and social sustainability. 
What’s your proudest achievement at Unilever? 
Creating a new tool to make the supply chain way of working more efficient in my category, however this tool is now going to be cascaded across all of the Beauty and Personal Care Category. 
What do you love about working here?
The team are so supportive and it really feels like a community. They have helped push me in so many ways to develop professional and personal self by trusting me with real responsibilities and opportunities. 
What surprised you the most when you started? 
How much I would be working with stakeholders and colleagues from all over the world! 
Which Unilever brand most interests you and why? 
Dove Men. Their campaigns surrounding #RealStrength and #DearFutureDads to help shatter traditional gender stereotypes and helping to redefine what masculinity means.